Statement on Black Lives Matter

The Executive Board of the New York State Council of Administrators of Music Education (NYSCAME), leaders in music and arts education, believes that Black Lives Matter. The repeated injustices perpetrated on people of color and the inequality that has been experienced as a result of the systemic racism embedded in education must be disrupted and dismantled. We hear the rallying cry. We stand with the dozens of other professional organizations proclaiming our commitment to make changes for the betterment of our students’ future.  

NYSCAME acknowledges that as leaders, we have a responsibility to address the crises our nation faces.  We believe that music education is uniquely poised to lead positive change in our schools. Music is a powerful agent to bring about change. Through the power of music we can bridge the gaps in understanding, promote compassion, and develop empathy.  The NYSCAME Vision for 2020 includes addressing issues of diversity and equity. Through our commitment to this vision and our dedication to the work, we can make a difference in our student’s lives.